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Wireless IoT Gateway Helps Remote Monitoring Gas&Oil Pipelines Pressurization Station
After the oil pipeline is transported for a certain distance, due to factors such as terrain and resistance in the pipeline, the flow rate will slow down and the oil transportation efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to pressurize the oil pipeline at intervals to increase the flow rate and efficiency of the oil pipeline.
4G industrial IoT gateway R40
Most of the oil pipelines are in no man's land and the traffic is inconvenient, which brings challenges to the management of pressurized stations.

With the R40 wireless 4G IoT gateway developed by King Pigeon Communication Co., Ltd., unattended visual monitoring of pressurized stations can be realized, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces labor and time costs.

The R40 4G industrial IoT gateway integrates video monitoring, data acquisition, PLC remote control, equipment access to the network, flowmeter, pressure, motor, temperature and humidity monitoring in one. It can meet the monitoring of all equipment in the oil pipeline pressurization station.

In addition, the R40 4G Industrial IoT Gateway supports many protocols such as Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, OPC UA, and also supports secondary development to quickly access more third-party cloud platforms.
Compared with other solutions, R40 has many functions such as wireless router, remote telemetry terminal, data transmission, data acquisition, logic control, and power failure monitoring. As shown below:
The R40 4G industrial IoT gateway is also suitable for outdoor remote monitoring applications. e.g,: IoT Energy, ETC IoT, Smart City, and so on.