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4G IoT Modules Sensors
4G IoT Modules Sensors
The 4G IoT Module IoT10x series are designed for wired sensor connect to Cloud Platform over 4G Wireless network, it is simple. 
The IoT10x IoT Module adopt low power consumption design, waterproof cover, and can connect to 1CH sensor directly. it is a plug and play design.
And for more application, the RTU502x Series are provided with backup battery inside, supports SMS, Modbus TCP and MQTT protocols to connect sensors to cloud platforms too.

Wireless sensor, IoT Sensor, RS485 to 4G
4G IoT Sensors
Model No. Version Interface Features
IoT100 Waterproof or PCBA RS485 RS485 to 4G
IoT101 Waterproof or PCBA DIN Wired DI Sensor to 4G
IoT102 Waterproof or PCBA Relay 4G to Wired Relay
IoT103 Waterproof or PCBA 4-20mA/0-5V Wired Transducers to 4G
IoT104 Waterproof 4G Temperature&Humidity Sensor Include Sensor
IoT105 Waterproof 4G Temperature Sensor  Include Sensor